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At Grayson Construction Management we take pride in understanding projects from start to finish. We view projects holistically so that as Home Owners or Board Members can rest assured their investment is getting the best attention from our team. Our combined knowledge and unique blend of management expertise from pre-planning through post construction significantly benefits our clients. We deliver the following services:

  • Assist clients achieve their objectives;
  • Streamline approach to projects;
  • Reduce liability and risk by emphasizing and utilizing document and budget control measures;
  • Collaboration with HOA Boards to develop a full understanding and accurate custom scope of work.
  • Coordinate and integrate the work of general contractors, specialty contractors, architect and engineers;
  • Teamwork, communication, and proper professional analysis and coordination;
  • Experience documenting and reviewing existing site conditions;
  • Work with vendors based on schedule and priorities of the project to maximize project efficiency and minimize construction waste;
  • Bid review of contractor's proposal ensuring that the proper scope has been reviewed and priced;
  • Contractor Selection — providing assistance to help determine the best qualified contractor for the project;
  • Job-Walk — coordinate with prospective contractors to show the existing conditions and location of work to be performed;
  • On-Site Observations — perform on-site observations during a particular phase or during critical tasks;
  • Project Scheduling — provide a schedule for each project with activities, durations, milestones, and critical path; 
  • Scheduling — using Microsoft Project we can develop a schedule that is detailed and resource loaded, milestone driven, and showing the critical-path 
  • Planning — carefully strategizing conceptual plans including scope, cost, and schedule for better decision making;
  • Preconstruction — carefully analyze the variables and resources to assemble the most qualified team;
  • Construction — carefully manage and provide comprehensive oversight while maintaining the project on schedule and on budget;
  • Assessment — carefully review on site conditions and building assessment to aid in the financial planning by analyzing lifecycle and maintenance issues; 
  • Defect Analysis & Repair — carefully develop an efficient repair process by evaluating defects and preparing a cost-effective reconstruction plan;
  • Sustainability — we advocate the use of sustainability methods for renewable energy and resource efficiency project to positively impact the client, the community, and the environment.

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Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is committed on every project to introduce cost reduction methods, reduce construction time as much as possible, provide quality assurance measures, and evaluate risk management as applicable.

david saenz

David Saenz is a seasoned professional with over 30 years experience as an Owners Representative on complex and technical projects. As a Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), his strong project management skills have crossed the spectrum of design, construction, and engineering principles, which have provided effective solutions on multiple projects.

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allan melkesian

Allan Melkesian is the president of Grayson Community Management in San Mateo and Santa Clara, CA. He leads a staff of 22 professionals that manage 3,000 residential units and common areas within the community. He holds a master's degree in Business Administration at Peter Drucker Graduate School.

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Jim Roachelle

Through his 30+ year career, Mr. Roachelle has evolved and grown to include a wide variety of complementary skills that allow him to execute a range of tasks from design, planning, entitlements and construction management to strategic planning, acquisition, development, leasing and management of properties in a variety of sectors.

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We have four locations throughout California. Come and visit us if you are near Santa Monica, Santa Clara, San Mateo or Walnut Creek. We will be glad to assist you.

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Thank you for taking interest in knowing more about GCM. We are a locally owned HOA Construction Management company that offers the ability for our principal owners to be directly involved with your community and Board of Directors.

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GCM is a Construction Management firm and trusted resource specializing in projects for Home Owner Associations and private residences. With offices in the San Francisco, San Jose, and East Bay areas we understand the local economy and construction industry.

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At Grayson Construction Management we take pride in understanding projects from start to finish. We view projects holistically so that as Home Owners or Board Members can rest assured their investment is getting the best attention from our team.

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